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MSMS Application for co2018 Online

For those Mississippi girls out there,

Follow the footsteps of past students and chapter leaders alike and consider applying to the Mississippi School for Math and Science! Not old enough for the 2015-16 cycle? Share the opportunities with your siblings! Share it with your friends! Plus, it's never too early to start looking ahead and working towards your own qualified application.

Here's what has to say about it all:

"Students interested in applying to MSMS must be current high school sophomores (members of the Class of 2018) and citizens of the state of Mississippi. The application is open to all Mississippi sophomores regardless of whether students currently attend public schools, private schools, or home schools. The application deadline for this class is February 13, 2016.

Beyond completing the rigorous application, students who are interested in attending MSMS must also:

  • Show evidence of GOOD grades. An overall grade average of 90 or higher is REQUIRED for consideration.

  • Submit an ACT score before the Feb. 13 deadline. A score of 20 or higher is strongly recommended.

The application is available in a variety of formats, including a fully online application, a hard copy version, and an interactive .PDF. All formats can be accessed via the MSMS Apply page. Students who do not have access to an online device may have an application mailed to his or her home. To request a copy of the application, call MSMS Admissions Coordinator Sheila Horton at 1-800-553-6459.

Detailed information about the application and the application process can be found by visiting the MSMS Apply page."

Still fuzzy on what exactly MSMS is? Learn about classes, residence life, and much more at their website,, and feel free to get personal questions fielded by using the "Contact Us" tab on this (ourWILL) website.

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